UX Office Hours (get answers to your biggest UX questions) -- All Day

by Bryce Howitson, Andrea Edstrom, Michael Arney, Jason Spidle, Shashi Lo, Anthony Molzahn, Nick Wellner, Leana Stone, Tom deBruyn, Nils Hansen, Rima Reda, Melissa Lahn, and Leslie Mollner | at MinneBar 14 | 9:20 – 4:30 | View Schedule

Get feedback on your product/interface/idea from area designers and UX experts.

These are one-on-one review and coaching sessions so bring stuff to show and discuss. In the past, we've fielded questions from prototyping an idea to audience definition to building out a design team. We'll have an area staffed by reviewers all day with sign-ups for various slots as well as an ad-hock whoever's free line.

Whether you don't have a designer on staff or simply want another set of eyes, we'd love to see your stuff!

You Promise: To bring questions or topics to get us started. Here are a few tips for "winning a critique".

We Promise: Candid, unbiased and confidential feedback following the "rules of critique" to help you level up.

Rules of critique

  1. Only the artifact is subject to critique, not the creator. Remember it's not personal.
  2. Seek to first understand the problem before offering suggestions
  3. Practice empathy - Think like the audience NOT like a maker.
  4. Be objective and provide suggestions that may be tested. Avoid statements of personal "like" or "dislike"
  5. Offer suggestions for improvement, don't dictate solutions.
  6. Listen, recognize achievement, then offer critique (In that order)
  7. Be Nice
  8. Have fun
All levels

Bryce Howitson

Bryce is obsessed with creating products that people want to use. He helps organizations of all sizes prototype, and test their ideas. Sometimes called a designer, a developer, a strategist, a writer, or an artist, Bryce has led teams and worked in the trenches.

Bryce is a Google Developer Expert in UI/UX/Product/Web Technologies and a certified Design Sprint Master.

He shares his knowledge by mentoring and teaching from his homeland in the great frozen north of Minnesota.

Andrea Edstrom

Artist, illustrator, senior designer/developer at Minnesota Public Radio. I started out in graphic design, then moved into web design and landed in front end development and design. You can view some of work at www.andreaedstrom.com and on my codepen.io. I enjoy sketching and painting in my free time. I will be displaying my art at Art-A-Whirl in May at the Q.arma building. You can view some of my work at www.andreasartgallery.com

Michael Arney

Founder of https://halftone.digital Mike has been working in the field of "Digital Design" for 12+ years. Co-founder at starting11.io and adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota College of Design.

Jason Spidle

UX/UI Designer at Foundry, year-around cyclist, ultimate frisbee two seasons a year, decent at crosswords, very good at 8-ball, recent purveyor of Tweetstorm poetry (like this one about mattresses).

Shashi Lo

Frontend Developer enthusiast who is currently working for virtuwell - Health Partners. I lead my team in UI/UX architecture and currently working with AngularJS and Angular. I'm a father, I'm a sports fanatic, and I love my Kamado Joe for smokin meats! More about me on LinkedIn.

Anthony Molzahn

This person hasn't yet added a bio.

Nick Wellner

I help teams create products customers want, with interfaces they'll understand. I'm driven by the opportunity to deeply understand people and develop tools that make them more successful. I'm currently with When I Work, where I help our customers hire, track time, and communicate as a team. Read more on LinkedIn

Leana Stone

One of the many great things about the UX community is how many different ways people have found their way into this field. Everyone has a great story that, I believe, shapes who they are as a practitioner.

Before my transition into User Experience Design, I earned an undergraduate degree in art and art history followed by a masters degree in education. I then worked for 5 years as an Art Teacher. As a teacher, I became practiced in understanding implicit and explicit user needs and strategizing ways to meet their needs, something that I believe makes me a strong UX designer.

Today, I feel incredibly lucky to have found a place where I get to bring together my love for art and design, technology, and how people learn into my practice as a UX/UI Designer at Foundry.

When I am not UXing at Foundry I love to be making something or outside camping!

Leana's Portfolio

Tom deBruyn

Product Designer at Ford Motor Company, excited about the future of mobility, addressing climate change, and psychological safety in the workplace.

Day-to-day, I work with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistence Systems) Analytics; specializing in privacy-first geospatial insights and business metrics. I design an internal content platform for sharing insights and studies derived from connected vehicle data. I'm also working to build AI tools that surface documentation, institutional knowledge and perform simple analytics using a Natural Language-to-SQL approach. This helps Data Scientists free their attention from repetitive business metrics to deeper studies that help improve transportation everywhere Ford vehicles are on the road.

I'm a foodie, love the outdoors, building things with my hands.

(All views presented are my own, and not representative of Ford Motor Company's views.)

Nils Hansen

I'm a Co-founder and design principal at Foundry. I'm also the father of twin nine-year-olds, and love going to restaurants, cooking, downhill skiing, racquetball, and art museums.

Rima Reda

Rima is an independent experience designer and consultant with a background in graphic design and front end development. She has worked with start-ups, non-profits, and small and large businesses in creating and improving user experiences.

Melissa Lahn

Experience design leader and instructor, with specialty in digital product strategy.

Leslie Mollner

As a UX designer, Leslie works in collaborative environments to bring digital products to life. Her path to the design and UX fields was eclectic. She spent 13 years as a college librarian which included several years helping with design, development, and content creation for the library and campus websites. Before this, Leslie used her psychology and sports psychology background to teach college students and coach college gymnastics. She uses the skills and knowledge she learned from these experiences in the world of user experience design. Leslie strives to bring passion, empathy, and understanding to her projects and is especially interested in how we incorporate inclusive design practices into these projects.