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UX Office Hours

by Bryce Howitson, Andrea Edstrom, Michael Arney, Jason Spidle, and Shashi Lo

Get feedback on your product/interface/idea from area designers and UX experts.

These are one-on-one review and coaching sessions so bring stuff to show and discuss. In the past, we've fielded questions from prototyping an idea to audience definition to building out a design team. The vision is to have an area staffed by reviewers all day with sign-ups for various slots as well as an ad-hock whoever's free line.

Whether you don't have a designer on staff or simply want another set of eyes, we'd love to see your stuff!

You Promise: To bring questions or topics to get us started.

We Promise: Candid, unbiased feedback to help you level up.

I'm looking for multiple reviewers to help out for 1-2 hours throughout the day. If you're interested please send me a note: brycehowitson [at] gmail

All levels

Bryce Howitson

Bryce is obsessed with creating products that people want to use. He helps organizations of all sizes prototype, and test their ideas. Sometimes called a designer, a developer, a strategist, a writer or artist, Bryce has led teams and worked in the trenches. Bryce is a Google Developer Expert in UI/UX and certified Design Sprint Master. He shares his knowledge by mentoring and teaching from his homeland in the great frozen north of Minnesota.

Andrea Edstrom

Artist, illustrator, senior designer/developer at Minnesota Public Radio.

Michael Arney

Founder of https://halftone.digital Mike has been working in the field of "Digital Design" for 12+ years. Co-founder at starting11.io and adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota College of Design.

Jason Spidle

UX/UI Designer at Foundry, year-around cyclist, ultimate frisbee two seasons a year, decent at crosswords, very good at 8-ball, recent purveyor of Tweetstorm poetry (like this one about mattresses).

Shashi Lo

This person hasn't yet added a bio.

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