Intro to Vue.js: The Frontend Framework for Everyone!

by David Dangerfield | at MinneBar 13 | 2:00 – 2:50 in Minnetonka | View Schedule


  • Vue.js is a popular simple/minimal framework for making web applications
  • It requires no fancy complicated stuff, but can scale for "enterprise" apps
  • It's designed for incremental adoption -- you can gradually migrate to it
  • I'll show you the basics with running code -- not slides

Vue.js has received a lot of developer love. Just looking at Github stars, it is way ahead of Angular and very close behind React.

One reason it's so popular is because it demands so little of those who use it, while allowing them to do what they want.

  • Don't like how Angular forces you into TypeScript? Vue doesn't force you to use it (but you can if you want).
  • Don't like how React forces you to use render functions? Vue doesn't force you to use them (but you can if you want).

In this session I'll demonstrate Vue.js basics by live-coding examples. I'll talk you through each one so you understand what Vue is doing under the covers. Bring your laptop if you want to follow along.

If you're new to Vue.js or modern JavaScript frameworks in general, this is the perfect slow intro where you'll be able to really understand what's happening and what the framework does. (Also, if you're using jQuery, and you're interested in gradually modernizing ... Vue would be my choice)

If you've already used Vue.js, you will find the examples extremely basic. Depending on your knowledge, you may benefit from the in-depth discussion about how these basics work.

If you're an experienced Angular or React developer. You'll appreciate the simplicity of Vue and you'll leave with many questions about more advanced Vue concepts (I'm happy to talk more afterwards).

In this presentation you'll see: Github,, Visual Studio Code editor, Chrome browser + developer tools, Git, npm, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and, of course, Vue.js!

Session time will allow for questions and answers.


David Dangerfield

David Dangerfield

I've been developing software for about 18 years. Frontend development for web applications has become my specialty and passion. I love to take a designer's vision and use the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make it real.

I've also done a little of everything ... most of which I'm trying to forget so I can fill my brain with more frontend stuff.

In May 2017 I started using Vue.js and since then I've built a couple web applications with it for IBM. Vue is such a breath of fresh air!

I have a couple years experience working on AngularJS web apps (using 1.5 components) and a year of experience doing Angular 2+. And currently, I lead UI development for an Angular 5 app.

React interests me and I've done a lot of education on it but never been on a React project at work (IBM, Rochester)

Feel free to message me on LinkedIn.