David Dangerfield


David Dangerfield

I've been developing software for about 18 years. Frontend development for web applications has become my specialty and passion. I love to take a designer's vision and use the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make it real.

I've also done a little of everything ... most of which I'm trying to forget so I can fill my brain with more frontend stuff.

In May 2017 I started using Vue.js and since then I've built a couple web applications with it for IBM. Vue is such a breath of fresh air!

I have a couple years experience working on AngularJS web apps (using 1.5 components) and a year of experience doing Angular 2+. And currently, I lead UI development for an Angular 5 app.

React interests me and I've done a lot of education on it but never been on a React project at work (IBM, Rochester)

Feel free to message me on LinkedIn.

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