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UX/Design Office Hours

by Bryce Howitson and Jenna Pederson

Get your app, website, product or idea reviewed by professional designers

You've got an idea that you hacked together on a budget, but you're not a designer. Perhaps your MVP response is that "it's confusing" or "kinda hard to use". There's no better time to get help.

My vision is to have 20-30 minute time slots available throughout the day to get design feedback on any project. Office hours would be staffed by a handful of local area designers with expertise across many areas and industries.

I'm offering my expertise (BFA Graphic Design, over 10 years UI/UX designer, Google Developer Expert, Design Sprint Master) for reviews and I'll update as I gain more commitments.

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Bryce Howitson

Bryce is obsessed with creating products that people want to use. He helps organizations of all sizes prototype, and test their ideas. Sometimes called a designer, a developer, a strategist, a writer or artist, Bryce has led teams and worked in the trenches. Bryce is a Google Developer Expert in UI/UX and certified Design Sprint Master. He shares his knowledge by mentoring and teaching from his homeland in the great frozen north of Minnesota.

Jenna Pederson

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