UX/Design Office Hours

by Bryce Howitson, Jenna Pederson, Michael Arney, Andy Krueger, Katherine Frankowski, Bailey Smith-Dewey, Carina A. Lofgren, and Edward Euclide | at MinneBar 13 | 9:25 – 4:50 | View Schedule

Get feedback on your app, website, product or idea from professional designers

You've got an idea that you hacked together on a budget, but you're not a designer. Perhaps your MVP response is that "it's confusing" or "kinda hard to use". There's no better time to get help.

We're offering 20-30 minute reviews of your product/interface/concept,* available throughout the day to get design feedback on any project. Office hours will be staffed by a handful of local area designers with expertise across many areas and industries.

In addition to the Minnebar code of conduct, all critiquers agree to: - Hold your discussions in confidence (No need for an NDA) - Provided candid and truthful feedback - Do our best to be objective to help you improve

To get the most out of this time, please be prepared to show us something (verbal descriptions are very hard to critique). Additionally, you may want to read about how to win a design critique

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Bryce Howitson

Bryce is obsessed with creating products that people want to use. He helps organizations of all sizes prototype, and test their ideas. Sometimes called a designer, a developer, a strategist, a writer or artist, Bryce has led teams and worked in the trenches. Bryce is a Google Developer Expert in UI/UX/Product/Web Technologies and certified Design Sprint Master. He shares his knowledge by mentoring and teaching from his homeland in the great frozen north of Minnesota.

Jenna Pederson


Michael Arney

Founder of https://halftone.digital Mike has been working in the field of "Digital Design" for 12+ years. Co-founder at starting11.io and adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota College of Design.

Andy Krueger

Principal Product Designer at Datasite. President of UXPA-MN. Big nerd.

Katherine Frankowski

This person hasn't yet added a bio.

Bailey Smith-Dewey

Hello, my name is Bailey and I am an anthropologist with a passion for studying human culture and the changes in culture over time. I am a User Experience designer and I love discussing topics of technological advances, the medical field, and urban spaces. I can't wait to chat!

Carina A. Lofgren

Hello, I'm Carina—a UX Designer and Photographer with a background in Environmental Science + Media Studies. Learn more at www.carinalofgren.com :)

Edward Euclide

Edward has been researching and designing immersive experiences for a decade as a performance artist, experiential educator and now as a UX Researcher.

As a performance artist he explored remote immersive performance, puppetry/object performance and interdisciplinary collaboration. As an educator he explored embodied learning techniques and lesson plans. He is currently researching industrial safety connected-equipment and IoT designs as a Senior UX Researcher with 3M.

His work was most recently featured as an installation at "Limitless Spaces Gallery: Imagining New Digital Worlds" (2019).

Edward Euclide