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MNtal health in TC: speaking up about being down

by Aneela Idnani, Patrick Parker, and Laurie Healy

Let's talk about the mental health-iness of our tech/entrepreneurial community. How can our already supportive community support each other on the mental health front? What cultural changes can we encourage our corporations to take? What skills can we give our freelancing cohort, working primarily on their own? How can we enable startups to build an open culture from the start? What can our co-working spaces do to help their members stay mentally healthy?

Patrick, Laurie & I can’t wait to have this conversation with you all. Our hope is then start rolling out events through the year to help end the stigma and give all of us tools to manage stress/anxiety & other mental health issues, regardless of severity.

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Aneela Idnani

Mental Health Advocate Mama Bear CoFounder + Chief Trichster @ HabitAware Designer/Marketer Advertising Alum Native New Yorker

Patrick Parker

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Laurie Healy

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