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Aneela Idnani is Cofounder & President of HabitAware ( HabitAware created it's Keen smart bracelet to help people “Retrain The Brain” from detrimental behaviors to positive ones. To do this, Keen creates awareness and mindfulness of hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting, which at their core are debilitating mental health conditions. Having grown up with hair pulling disorder, Aneela is now an outspoken mental health advocate, raising awareness of these very common yet unknown conditions. Aneela is a HAX hardware accelerator alumnus and her company recently received a research grant from the NIH to improve their device and validate Keen as a treatment for these disorders. Her life’s work (HabitAware) has been featured as a TIME Magazine 2018 Best Invention and in BuzzFeed, SELF Magazine, The Washington Post, Prevention Magazine and more.

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