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Greg Daigle




Since the '80s I have spent a career in human-centered design while looking for the next unexpected innovations in technology, known as “black swans” and wrote of those experiences. LENR, which I have followed for about 10 years, is one of those technologies and appears poised to introduce worldwide change to our energy economy.

As a former professor of industrial design at MCAD, I contributed to the design of a range of physical products — from the creation of Ethospace for the designer of the Aeron and Equa chairs, to the world’s first commercial fused deposition modeler (now commonly known as 3D printing), to the front-end display of a Cray supercomputer and concept hybrid mowers for Toro.

In the '90s as a co-founder of ICONOS I designed internationally awarded STEM software ranked alongside classic software titles Myst and Carmen SanDiego. More recently I taught interaction and interface design at the U of M, led digital badge concepts under a MacArthur grant and managed QA testing and customer support for a co-founder of software giant Macromedia (later folded into Adobe).

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