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LENR: An Energy Primer - Part 2

by Greg Daigle

Last year’s Minnebar presentation of LENR: A Primer gave a backgrounder on efforts by researchers and corporations like Leonardo Corp., Google, Brilliant Light Power and Brillouin Energy to monetize Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, or what used to be known as “cold fusion”. This year the US Congress has charged the National Science Foundation to evaluate the experiments and theories surrounding LENR as part of the 2020 NSF budget. As mentioned in the National Defense Authorization Act (2017), the Defense Intelligence Agency states that if LENR works it will be a ``disruptive technology that could revolutionize energy production and storage.''

One U.S. firm claims that their E-Cat SK IoT-controlled prototype has been heating an industrial space continuously (though with a 20% downtime) for over a year on a single charge composed of pennies worth of nickel and lithium. So what are the latest advances in trying to harness this carbon-neutral, radioactive waste-free energy tech? Are claims of the production of both heat and electricity true? If so, how do we evaluate them and who will be the first to market?

Could LENR heat and power an electric vehicle for over a year on a single charge? Will it supplement – or supplant – solar in some regions? What is its future as a non-intermittent distributed energy generator?

Presentation and discussion.


Greg Daigle

A diverse career in user experience design, industrial design and design management for over 150 projects ranging from atoms to bits to smoke.

Atoms includes the industrial design of physical products such as a supercomputer display for Cray, the first-ever 3D fused deposition modeler (aka 3D printer) and Herman Miller furniture designs for the creator of the Aeron chair.

Bits includes leading teams in software development ranging from STEM projects that garnered dozens of national/international awards, e-learning for a co-founder of Macromedia, digital badges under a MacArthur Foundation grant and directing the production and creative staff at an Ad Age 100 interactive agency.

Smoke includes exploring emerging and edgy technologies ranging from editing theoretical physics papers on gravity-like fields, testing the "Never-die" battery by ill-fated Irish engineering firm Steorn — and exploring LENR.

I am a former Associate Professor of Industrial Design at MCAD, Adjunct Professor at the U of M, Principal Investigator, QA Manager, Senior Designer, Research Manager, Director of Customer Success, Director of Production, Executive Director, CTO — and generally a nice guy.

Portfolio at The Unlit Pipe link
LinkedIn: link

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