UX Whiteboard Challenge

by Andy Krueger, Joel Lueders, and Anna Haug | at MinneBar 14 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Learn | View Schedule

Hosted by the organizers of the Whiteboard Challenge Meetup, this is a hands-on session to practice your problem solving skills in a fun environment. No UX experience required! We aim for peer learning, support, and friendship among all skill levels. Build confidence in thinking out loud, get ready for a big meeting, or practice for interviews.

Who Should Attend

Experience Designers, Product Designers, Web Developers, Human Factors Engineers, Graphic Designers, Business Analysts, Researchers, Creatives, all skill levels.

What To Expect

After a brief demonstration, we will break into pairs and start whiteboarding. One person will be the designer and the other the host. For 10 minutes the designer will work through the design challenge on the whiteboard. You may ask questions of the host as needed. Otherwise the host will practice the valuable but difficult skill of listening (this can be the hardest part of the challenge!).

You'll think out loud while working to show how you are exploring and tackling the challenge from your unique point of view. When the 10 minutes is up, the host gives 5 minutes of feedback/co-creation. Then you'll swap roles and do it again with a different challenge. The value of this exercise is more about the process than the solution, but we'll leave time at the end to see other people's whiteboards and discuss.

Hope to see you there!


Andy Krueger

Principal Product Designer at Datasite. President of UXPA-MN. Big nerd.

Joel Lueders

This person hasn't yet added a bio.

Anna Haug

I love to design experiences for humans that just make sense. Often I find myself in the middle of a venn-diagram of design (product, UI, service, etc.), business needs, and human problems. I work as a CX Architect at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.

Fun Facts: I have a passion for mentoring and collaboration, played the Tuba for 7 years, was an EMT, and was taught java using only pencil and paper. Connect with me on Linkedin and let's have coffee.