Retail at Sea- A Technology Oasis

by Brandon Wetzstein | at MinneBar 13 | 11:15 – 12:05 in New York | View Schedule

Almost a year ago I started working for a company that operates as a white label retailer on major cruise lines.

But this isn't your regular retail environment...

Imagine if your stores moved globally, your demographics shifted constantly, your international teams lived at work, and your technology was from 1994.

Cruise lines are catching up fast in technology, adding connectivity on board at the demand of guests and opening up technology doors once locked.

What would you do if connectivity suddenly became available to you and the candy store of technologies once out of reach were now available?

In this session I'll share the challenges and opportunities of retail at sea, and lead an open discussion on retail technology.

What would you do?

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Brandon Wetzstein

I'm a lifelong learner, always trying to sate my curiosity in a variety of ways.

I'm currently working on a goal setting/life management app, An online course in Gamification, and learning how to do basic things with my first Arduino!

Interests: MOOCs, local classes in things like blacksmithing and parkour, human behavior, improv, design thinking, IOT, board games, any games.

I'd love to connect!