Making a Moment (Exploratory Workshop) Using theatre methods for designing VR

by Edward Euclide | at MinneBar 13

After a short introduction to physical theatre methodology we will dive in to making moments together.

In particular we will explore how we can leverage a version of the "Moment Work" method as it allows us to breakdown present elements: sound, light, gesture, object, body and observe how they might play within our design.

This session is participatory as we will be exploring/researching how these fields might intersect in process.

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Edward Euclide

Edward has been researching and designing immersive experiences for a decade as a performance artist, experiential educator and now as a UX Researcher.

As a performance artist he explored remote immersive performance, puppetry/object performance and interdisciplinary collaboration. As an educator he explored embodied learning techniques and lesson plans. He is currently researching industrial safety connected-equipment and IoT designs as a Senior UX Researcher with 3M.

His work was most recently featured as an installation at "Limitless Spaces Gallery: Imagining New Digital Worlds" (2019).

Edward Euclide