Investing in a Thriving Tech Ecosystem in MSP

by Dan Linstroth, Dalton Scott, and Kelly Clausen | at MinneBar 13 | 4:00 – 4:50 in Challenge | View Schedule

Make It. MSP is dedicated to making Minneapolis-St. Paul the best place for people to come, stay and thrive. Our technology Steering Committee, made up of local tech leaders, is seeking new ideas and solutions to support which will help attract, retain and develop new technologists in our region.

This is an open call for ideas. In this participatory session, we will discuss solutions on how we can better tell the story of our thriving tech industry, retain new graduates and advanced career tech professionals alike, and address the challenges that technologists face in their careers.

To accomplish this, we’ll start with a quick opening statement and then break into small groups to generate new solutions that answer some of the most pressing questions, which could include:

  • How might we better tell the story about the great things happening in our tech community?
  • How might local employers improve the way they attract, hire and train technologists?
  • How might we make it easier to get established in a tech career in Minneapolis-St. Paul?
  • How might we create a more open and inclusive community?
  • How might we … (your question/challenge/issue here)

This sessions is for: Tech professionals with ideas on how to improve the industry Industry group leaders, board members or event organizer who actively works to support the community Anyone with an idea on how to attract, retain or develop new technologists in our region.

The spirit of the tech community is alive and well. For those aiming for a career with purpose, where you can make an impact through technology, Minneapolis-Saint Paul is a good place to be.

Just like a digital product, however, endless opportunities for improvement remain. As the MSP tech community grows, let’s be intentional in building an open, vibrant and supportive community that continues to thrive well into the future.

Let’s experiment with new ideas and work together to scale the power of the tech community.

About Make It. MSP:
The Make It. MSP Tech Team is a cross-sector group of individuals from Fortune 500 companies to community foundations, local governments, nonprofits, and professional associations who are dedicated to making Minneapolis-St. Paul the best place for people to come, stay and thrive. The purpose of this work is to improve the net migration of skilled technology talent to the MSP region. In pursuit of this purpose, we support and invest in solutions with the potential to attract, retain or develop technologists in our community.

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Dan Linstroth

Dan is Chair of the Make It MSP Tech Steering Committee, member of City of Saint Paul Full Stack Steering Committee and a small business owner. Prior to that, he co-founded a tech startup, presenting at Minnedemo, MN Cup and Beta.MN.

Dalton Scott

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Kelly Clausen

Super curious type. You know, the kind who usually broke their toys the first day out just to see how they worked. Currently investigating the case of Algebra's missing X because she's gone and we don't know Y. Would appreciate it if everyone just brought data -- even omnipotent beings. Program development, evaluation and measurement fanatic. Code Switch Co-Organizer. CreativeCubed Founder.