Designing and developing multi-sensory experiences in VR

by Thong Nguyen | at MinneBar 13 | 11:15 – 12:05 in Stephen Leacock | View Schedule

Creating in VR will change how you think about collaboration, experience design and empathy for users. I'll be sharing some insights learned along the journey of creating VR tools and experiences for some well-known brands.

In virtual reality, the digital world evolves from being viewed through a two-dimensional screen, to overriding your vision, hearing, motion and touch sensory systems. It's software that "feels real". This has some obvious (and not-so-obvious) implications, not only for gaming and entertainment industries but also retail, health care, hospitality, education and others.

Designing and developing for world-space ends up being dramatically different than the UX/UI workflows that many are accustomed to using to design for a screen, and draws from a broad range of disciplines such as neuroscience, design and the humanities.


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Thong Nguyen

Thong is working on growing Roomera, a B2B VR startup, Wellbeats, a virtual wellness company, and is also on a search for future TedX speakers. You can connect with him here.

He's passionate about technology, innovation and leadership, and crafting prototypes under the influence of coffee.