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Tech Sign Language: Introduction to Web Accessibility

by Cody Ogden | 12:10 – 1:00 in Harriet | View Schedule

Join me as I introduce the concept of web accessibility while you pick up some technology related sign language. This session is for developers, designers, or anyone involved in building or planning technology experiences for others. Topics include defining web accessibility, the impact inaccessibility can have on your user's experience, and reviewing some tools available to evaluate your projects. I will also showcase concrete examples of accessible experiences that anyone can implement right now.

As a former sign language interpreter, I have had the unique opportunity to build an awareness through observing how disabilities affect one's experience with the world around them. I have been fortunate to incorporate that perspective into my current role as a developer, and I am excited to share my experience with you.

Slides and info: https://cjo.li/waminnebar


Cody Ogden

Cody Ogden

I'm Cody Ogden! I make things for the web.

Cody has been developing software since he was ten years old, and his passion for building tools and solving problems with technology continues to grow today. Cody has spent over fifteen years learning and using technology in many forms. His journey with the web started with a JavaScript program to help him cheat on fifth grade math homework. He now works as a software engineer where he spends each day making an impact at the intersection of technology and life.