How To Attract Business Through Social Media

by Kyle Coghlan | at MinneBar 13 | 11:15 – 12:05 in Discovery | View Schedule

Hey everybody! Kyle Coghlan here with a community chat about how to attain quality leads through the use of social media. Now, this isn't just about attaining leads for your business but how to build life long relationships with people online that eventually can lead to, well, leads for your business. I have several years of content production experience where I've worked with national and local brands from various industries. I have great success with attracting people to my business through simply creating valuable content daily on multiple social media platforms.

In addition, the discussion will revolve around how to provide value to your audience online, what form value can take as and defining what value means in relation to your business. After all, with out providing value to anyone, your leads will have no reason to reach out.

Essentially this will be a content marketing discussion about how your business can benefit from giving out value to your prospective customers.

Join me and let's learn together.

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Kyle Coghlan

Digital Marketing Professional | Chatbot Designer