Kids and Technology: Striking the right balance

by Nick Ciske | at MinneBar 13 | 3:00 – 3:50 in Learn | View Schedule

We hear anecdotes about technology leaders like Steve Jobs minimizing technology in their homes, and read stories about technology-addicted kids that can't make it through a class in school without their smartphone.

We have massive deployments of Google Chromebooks in schools, and feel like we're missing something when our phone is charging vs. in our pocket.

We want our kids to be technologically savvy, but not slaves to technology.

As technical people, what balance do we strike between inviting our children into the world that has given many of us an identity, a career, and in some cases an addiction we're not fond of acknowledging (except in jest)?

What kind of example are we setting for the next generation in regards to a healthy relationship to technology?

I'll do a short presentation on some of the issues I'm weighing in my own family, why we've made some of the choices we have, and then open things up for a discussion.

What works for your family? Why did you choose that path?

What are your hopes and dreams for your kids in regards to technical literacy/coding, etc?

(Bring your questions and ideas!)

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Nick Ciske


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