Ruby on Racetracks: Ruby on Rails Development at NASCAR Speed Instead of Snail Speed

by Jason Hsu | at MinneBar 13 | 10:20 – 11:10 in Kansas | View Schedule

Too many of the conventional procedures used for basic tasks in Ruby on Rails are slow and bureaucratic. Fortunately, the red tape is obsolete. Under my Ruby on Racetracks system, you can complete basic tasks in minutes instead of hours or longer. At the same time, you are doubling down on quality control instead of cutting corners.

My Ruby on Racetracks system works in Linux but is available for Mac and Windows users as well thanks to VirtualBox. Instead of manually installing Ruby on Rails, you instead use a Docker image with Ruby on Rails pre-installed. You never have to wonder if you broke your development environment, because you can instantly reset it rather than delete and manually reinstall Ruby on Rails.

I have two fast ways of creating a new and high quality Rails app quickly with user/admin authentication, static pages, tests, and Bootstrap styling already included. Under the Generic App way, you can have a prebuilt and modern Rails app ready for you in seconds. Under the Rails Neutrino system, you can have a fully up-to-date Rails app ready for you in minutes. Rails Neutrino is an autopilot system that starts a new Rails app from scratch (with the "rails new" command) and provides the features required in all or most Rails apps. In fact, I use the output of the Rails Neutrino system as the basis for the prebuilt app used by Generic App.

I will demo the new Ruby.MN Rails app that I recently built with my Generic App tool as a replacement for the original one. Additionally, I will demo legacy Rails apps that I enhanced with Ruby on Racetracks features.

There's Ruby on Racetracks, and there's Not Exactly. Make sure you choose the correct one.

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