🤖🎙 Build a bot together for next-gen UX 🤖🎙

by Dave Mathias | at MinneBar 13 | 4:00 – 4:50 in Nokomis | View Schedule

Bots aren’t just for marketers. Text and chat are more natural than traditional web and app navigation and provide users a great 24/7/365 experience. Still in their infancy but with more devices that use text or voice with things like Alexa, Siri, Slack, and Google Assistant it is an area of focus. We moved beyond the age of websites to mobile apps and now are moving to the age of voice and text bots as the go-to interface.

Good thing is that even if you are not a coder but see a problem for your users, you can use tools like DialogFlow, ChatFuel, and others to deliver workable solutions for both voice and text. Then you can deploy your bot to places like Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and more. Of course with a little coding you will be able to do even more.

During this session we will build a bot using DialogFlow (aka Google’s bot builder platform) and by end of session we will deploy it. Come with your bot ideas, passion and experience insights and let’s build a bot together.


Dave Mathias

Believer that the intersection of people, experience, process, data and technology drives maximum customer solutions. Entrepreneurial ventures around helping change data culture, Beyond the Data, and being customer focused, Customer Focus North. Otherwise doer of many things like MinneAnalytics, Ally People Solutions (soon to be CIP), Minnesota PDMA, Data Able podcast, Twin Cities Data Viz, Twin Cities Data Fluency, ProductCamp Twin Cities, and Customer Focus North.

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