Causes and Effects of Technology

by Dan Wallace | at MinneBar 13 | 10:20 – 11:10 in Nokomis | View Schedule

It's easy to look at technology in isolation. In fact, technology begins with philosophy and science — and results in an oversized impact on economics and culture. In this session we will explore technological intersections through the lens of systems thinking. We will use questions from the book "Homo Deus," by Yuval Noah Harari to start a conversation. Discussion about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook is likely. Come ready to stand up, speak up and cause some effects.

By having a deeper understanding of technological intersections we can become better designers of technology,


Dan Wallace

Dan Wallace serves as VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy for the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Science Museum's mission is to turn on the science, inspire learning, inform policy and improve lives. The museum also works to increase equity and inclusion, exposing more Minnesotans to STEM careers.

Dan has been involved in several entrepreneurial adventures, some profitable, some educational. For many years Dan served as a marketing and brand consultant, work that included growing local and international technology firms. Dan is a coauthor of "The Physics of Brand," which he co-wrote with Aaron Keller of Capsule and Renee Marino of Cupitor.