Ask an [AGENCY] | How startups and agencies can partner to fuel growth in Minnesota

by Carl Schwab, Todd Zerger, Kelly Larson, Mark Wagner, Greg Swan, Amy Betty, and Carter Jensen | at MinneBar 13 | 4:00 – 4:50 in Gandhi | View Schedule

Minneapolis is home to a remarkable collection of agencies specializing in marketing, advertising, design, and technology. One thing all these agencies have in common is that they make connections. Connections between businesses and consumers, people and products, old and new, ideas and hungry minds.

Minneapolis was also recently ranked as the #3 city for startups link, beating out cities such as San Jose, Seattle, and Boston.

How can this vibrant agency community and the thriving start-up community help each other — join forces to make things neither could make alone? How can we partner to bring exciting new ideas and opportunities to the business community or directly to market? How can the Twin Cities create its own brand of start-up culture and find unique success?

Over the course of this session, the panel will conduct an open forum on these and other ideas about how technology and creativity are conspiring to change the world through partnership. Together Sapient and Fallon represent the leading edge in idea-focused agencies leveraging technology and creativity to benefit our clients in healthcare, financial services, commodities, consumer packaged goods, automotive and more.

But what opportunities lie undiscovered and how can we conquer them together? Maybe only you know.

Signal your interest on this page and then join us Saturday, April 14th at the Best Buy Headquarters in Richfield, MN.

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Carl Schwab

Carl is head of business and customer strategy at Publicis.Sapient, Minneapolis, a strategic advisor to early Minneapolis startups, a board member of MIMA, and is passionate about finding better ways to connect our creative/marketing and startup communities.

Todd Zerger

Todd is a Creative Director at SapientRazorfish where he works to lead interactive experience projects that will take clients in interesting and unconventional directions.

Kelly Larson

This person hasn't yet added a bio.

Mark Wagner

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Greg Swan

Greg is head of digital/social at Fallon, strategic advisor at LA-based Brainjolt, and is always on the lookout for ways to co-opt culture -- in work and play.

Amy Betty

Amy is a Senior Client Partner at SapientRazorfish and has a passion of using creativity and technology to achieve business results and build strong relationships with clients. Her approach ensures an open dialogue with each client every day, ensuring alignment around objectives even as market conditions change. She has worked effectively with clients such as U.S. Bank, UnitedHealthcare, Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma, Bass Pro Shops, General Mills, and Starz Entertainment.

Carter Jensen

Carter is currently the Associated Direction of Digital Strategy at Fallon where he leads client work for Anheuser-Busch, Danone and other emerging business initiatives.

In his past, Carter has championed a variety of entrepreneurial ventures both in the U.S. and abroad, winning a Webby Award in 2016 for work with the Mall of America and being featured by Square Technologies for his innovation in mobile payments.

Carter continues to be passionate about all new and emerging technologies as he looks to drive unique solutions for all clients in his purview.