LinkedIn re-Boot

by Kelly Lucente | at MinneBar 13 | 12:10 – 1:00 in Gandhi | View Schedule

LinkedIn is quite possibly one of the strongest online business tools available today, yet very few are actually using it to grow their business. Here’s the truth: We live in an online world and if you’re in business you need to be on LinkedIn. Bottom line: People are looking for YOU, so let's help them find you.

Consider this:

There are more than 497 MILLION LinkedIn users - The average LinkedIn user makes $110,931/yr - 52% of B2B buyers make purchasing decisions with LinkedIn - Over 80% of leads generated through social media come through LinkedIn

Bottom line:

Don’t Look Like an Amateur Online

Would you go to a business meeting without a shower and wearing clothes you grabbed straight from the laundry basket? Of course not. You want people to see you as a professional and a person they’d want to do business with and as such, you put forth effort in having a professional presence when you show up live. Well the same principals hold true for your LinkedIn presence.

If your profile is unkempt, you’ll look like someone people should avoid. Having a professional profile is especially important if you’re responsible for building new business or retaining customers, so don't neglect it.

Key Takeaways:

My #1 secret for getting someone to respond to your request. Tricks to improve your search rankings. Profile enhancements to get you noticed. The power of attachments.


Kelly Lucente

Kelly Lucente is a CEO, Author and Brand Strategist who focuses on growing small to Fortune 500 brands, assisting them in differentiating themselves to move the needle through strategic brand positioning. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Re-Tool Marketing™, a boutique branding agency and Brand by Kelly™, her personal branding off-shoot in Minneapolis, MN. Kelly has a strong point of view and people listen. Her content has one common thread and one sole purpose… to educate small business owners on everything “brand” related that will help them eliminate the voice in their head saying, “I had no idea.”

With 30 years experience in marketing and sales, Kelly is known for her disruptive approach to getting brands noticed. She has worked with nationally noteworthy brands such as RE/MAX, Pearle Vision, Rollerblade, and Mattamy Homes, North America’s largest home builder (and only second to Pepsi in brand recognition). Kelly is the author of MOO-LAH-GY, a handbook for the entrepreneur and small business owner which offers practical solutions to frequently asked questions within the brand and positioning space.