Building custom contact center applications using Twilio and other building block components

by Scott Colesworthy | at MinneBar 13 | 2:00 – 2:50 in Kansas | View Schedule

The contact center technology market in the recent past has had two primary models: Premise based and cloud. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. • Premise has more flexibility to be customized but can be extremely expensive with very long lead times to deploy. • Cloud is much faster to deploy but is more limited in terms of flexibility

A new category is now emerging and the name “contact center platform” seems to be emerging. The two early leaders in this space are Twilio and Amazon. They are cloud based to be sure, but not turnkey systems. Rather they are building blocks with API’s offering essentially unlimited flexibility in how a contact center may be designed. In this talk I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this approach and lay out the basics of what it takes to build a system using the Twilio platform.

We will close the presentation building a simple chatbot using Python and Twilio API's.

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Scott Colesworthy

Scott has a background in contact center technology. He previously started, grew and sold Soltris; a contact center systems integration company. Scott is currently the founder of Intelligent Service, a new contact center systems integration company specializing in this emerging category of contact center platforms. When not working Scott races sailboats on Lake Minnetonka and enjoys traveling with his wife and son.