Beyond “Don’t Panic!” - Tips for Success When It Hits the Fan

by Martin Hertz | at MinneBar 13

We’ve all been there. It’s the end of your release cycle and a doozy of a defect is discovered. A production issue has suddenly flooded your inbox with alerts. A critical customer has relayed their deep dissatisfaction and they want their problem addressed now… or else.

Afterwards, we often focus our energy on preventing emergencies like these in the future. However, what if you and your organization were to put a fraction of those efforts towards preparing for the next time the alarm goes off? Simple changes in how you and your organization react will pay big dividends. Your company can get back to business as usual sooner. Your customers can get quick satisfaction. Most importantly, you and your colleagues can retain your sanity.

This talk will examine high pressure situations commonly faced in software delivery to identify simple improvements that can be made. Whether you are an engineer or CIO, you have the power to make enhancements to behaviors and processes that will result in happier customers and less stressed employees.


Martin Hertz

Martin Hertz is a leader in software development with over 20 years of professional experience. These days, he’s focused on building exceptional software development organizations, shaping robust and self-sustaining delivery teams, and coaching engineers. He’s played roles of developer, architect, scrum master, product owner, people manager, project manager, and process expounder. He has been fortunate to learn a lot over the years from smart colleagues, mentors, and his mistakes.