Engagement Economics (Empowering the Customer Journey across Moments that Matter)

by Carl Schwab | at MinneBar 13 | 2:00 – 2:50 in Florida | View Schedule

Typical questions our clients and we, as marketing consultants, ask:

Q: Which customers do I invest in and at what points of their journey? Which should I avoid? Q: What is the best way to engage these customers how much value can I create if successful? Q: How do I accurately measure the value that was created and know what worked?

Engagement Economics provides the framework for working through these questions in a disciplined, consistent and reliable way.

Engagement Economics Summary principles: 1. Focused on Mutual Value creation. Establishes a model that provides clear value to a customer while yielding a measurable business benefit 2. Forces rigor in prioritization. Drives rigor in the selection of highest value opportunities (priority segment-based journeys & moments that matter). Prioritization is placed on mutual value creation. 3. Enables customer-centric forecasting.Includes processes to create customer-driven forecasts that over time help optimize business strategies and ROI. 4. Delivers a robust measurement & learning engine. Incorporates interaction, attitudinal, and behavioral metrics to identify and measure the impact on KPIs. Measures the economic contribution increases as consumers become more engaged /grow relationships with the brand.

This session (open to all) will discuss how we (Publicis.Sapient) are working our clients to evaluate the marketing/experience impact within key moments that matter for their customers across the E2E journey.

Think "return on marketing/customer experience" across the journey.

We'll cover both the framework and some of the tools we are using to execute for our clients.

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Carl Schwab

Carl is head of business and customer strategy at Publicis.Sapient, Minneapolis, a strategic advisor to early Minneapolis startups, a board member of MIMA, and is passionate about finding better ways to connect our creative/marketing and startup communities.