Catastrophe is a core value: Leveraging failure as a job-seeker or hiring manager

by Genghis Philip | at MinneBar 13 | 2:00 – 2:50 in Gandhi | View Schedule

The startup community is obsessed with the idea of failing fast, learning, and adapting. That's a good thing! But when we look to get hired, or we look to hire someone to improve our team, we only ever focus on what our successes were.

Being able to discuss failures -- real failures, not excuses to talk about how you pulled a win out of thin air -- creates a much richer, more genuine picture.

This talk is split between job-seekers and job-givers: my goal is to help put a stake in the heart of sterile, cookie-cutter interviews. That means that both sides need to be willing to embrace their previous failures.

For job-seekers, I'll talk about constructing your failure resume:

  • How to acknowledge failures and lessons learned without dismissing that you did indeed fail

  • How to use your failure resume to direct your job search

  • How to polish your failure resume for public consumption

For job-givers (be you hiring managers or just interviewers), I'll talk about failure as a qualification for a candidate:

  • How to talk to a candidate about your failures as an organization

  • How to coach a candidate into being willing to be candid about failure

  • How to create failure requirements for a job posting

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Genghis Philip

Genghis is an ultimate player, boxer, and gamer. He has spent the better part of the last decade making sure teams work well together at various and sundry tech companies around the cities, with titles ranging from Scrum Master to Director of Engineering to COO. He also sits on the board of the Twin Cities Ultimate League and thinks you should sign up for summer league.

I guess you could follow him on Twitter (@hawksfire), but only if you're particularly interested in all-caps tweets about the Chicago Bears.