Impractical Twitterbots

by Chris Herdt | at MinneBar 13 | 2:00 – 2:50 in Tackle | View Schedule

Perhaps you've considered making useful twitterbots for profit, but then you looked at your piles of cash and realized that material wealth cannot buy happiness.

I will discuss a variety of impractical twitterbots, both my own and others, and talk about their capabilities and limits. Topics will include generative grammars, IFTTT, keyword triggers, Mad Libs, Markov chains, and (very little) natural language processing. Small amounts of Bash scripting and Python may appear.

Bots discussed may include:

  • @pentametron
  • @osric8ball
  • @HouseBudgets, @goth_lyrics, and others from Cheap Bots Done Quick)
  • @scifri_ebooks (and other heroku_ebooks)
  • @wumpus_bot
  • @iwant2Barobot (and other Sycophant Bots)
  • @HeatherFantoche (and other Last Word Bots)
  • @godtributes

May entertainment and chaos ensue.


Chris Herdt

I am a source of confusion on the Internet, and occasionally also in the physical world. I once won a Webby Award, which I most certainly did not deserve. I work in a sub-basement on the campus of the University of Minnesota. I am an avid bot-rancher, and am frequently told I have too much time on my hands.