Web 3.0: Blockchain May Provide Us the Most Human Version of the Web yet.

by Matt Bauwens | at MinneBar 13 | 10:20 – 11:10 in Harriet | View Schedule

What is it - where does it come from - what can it do? These are questions one might pose to the heroes from Themyscira or Krypton. One might be right, but in this case, we are talking about blockchain, the eponymous technology which is being adored, hated, banned, embraced, developed, and everything in between.

What it could do is become the most human version of the world wide web yet, desperately in a time when even the web's founder, Tim Berners Lee, just a few days ago, said it is in dire shape.

Blockchain will do for trust what the web has done to communication. What blockchain is doing now is emancipating data. The ability to free data from the need to trust is saving lives around the world, building solutions which could have never been, providing opportunities to people like never before, and enabling dreamers to invent like we have never yet witnessed. All of these superpowers have one common theme - the freedom to transact on the terms of you and your peers.

The ability to emancipate data for people, in many ways, requires as much a philosophical shift as it does a developmental shift. Empathy can empower blockchain just as much, if not more, then the very C++, Java, Go, and Solidity which used to create it from a command line.

We will discuss use cases - real, theoretical, and hypothetical. And what the world could look like by the end of the roaring 20's. Let's go on an adventure. See you there.


Matt Bauwens

I make stuff. Spent adult life in Design: web, package, print, digital, UX/UI, marketing. Half of that time in data architecture. Half of that in decentralized systems and crypto.

I currently co-host The Maker of Chains blockchain podcast, a satirical/infotainment perspective on the development, hypotheticals, and execution of Web 3.0. I assist in the development, curation, and execution and deployment for Studycoins, an educational platform for both web and speaking. Currently, my personal smart-contract projects are in phantom mode (not Magic Leap phantom mode, but one can dream). Their focus is on live event participation and turning work environments into markets for attention, participation, effort, and community.