Meet and Greet: Find a Co-Founder!!!

by Ben J MacKinney | at MinneBar 13 | 12:10 – 1:00 in Florida | View Schedule

The people have spoken! This will be a great opportunity to find other like minded aspiring entrepreneurs to potentially launch your next venture with. The format will be "organic".

If you have an idea and are looking for co-founders you will be organized by industries in the main dining area.

If you are interested in joining a venture you will have the opportunity to meet founders in a friendly "job fair" type setting.

Come ready with your elevator pitch and be ready to network and trade contact information to follow up with people!

Lets see how many of these connections end up at Minnedemo's in 2018!!!

All levels

Ben J MacKinney

Hi! Thanks for checking out my bio. Im an entrepreneur and advise startups. More than anything, I love to help people bring their ideas to life and help with strategic planning. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, product owner or marketer I'd love to connect and jam with you after the conference!

I love MINNESTAR and am a huge advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation as ways to change the world for good.

Looking forward to chatting!