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Extending the reach of Zapier: when 1000+ apps isn't enough

by Ben Peter


Zapier has 1000+ available integrations, that can be connected to create workflows which power your startup and eliminate busy-work (like copy-pasting information from one site into another).

Sometimes, you'll need to connect up a site or app which doesn't have an integration (or a public API),


This session will cover some of the Zapier basics (setting up a Zap with the existing set of integrations), and then progress into some examples using email parsers, Webhooks, and possibly some bits of serverless code, to help connect up apps and sites that don't provide a public API.

There is plenty of time allocated for questions and discussion, so that we can chat about your important workflows (and ways to automate them), along with other related topics, based on the audience's interests.

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Ben Peter

Ben is an API wrangler, who loves assembling things into a grand-scale Rube Goldberg.

Presently working at Zapier, where he helps connect 1000+ different SaaS services that enable humans to get more accomplished.

In the nearly non-existant spare time, he works on new ways to connect lots of multi-colored LEDs to an Internet controlled Raspberry Pi.

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