How to Wiggle Your Web! - Web Animation 2018

by Ted Kusio | at MinneBar 13 | 10:20 – 11:10 in Challenge | View Schedule

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A survey on ways to animate on the web: lots of info on frameworks, software, APIs and tools, such as CSS, JS, and some earth-friendly sorcery, both open-source and for sale.

This is THE session to attend if you ever wanted to make full-screen digital madness, online crazy character animation, or sweet corporate-friendly transitions. There's no single one-size-fits-all "best way" to animate online, so instead we'll look at some of the better ways (IMHO), standards (or lack thereof), and efficiency. If there's time at the end, let's brainstorm about possible projects you want to do and how to approach them.

It's an up-to-date version of my 2016 talk with all-new info, samples, jokes, and sour beer recommendations.

BONUS: The session will include discounts for software and on-line animation courses! WOOP!

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Ted Kusio

Ted is a Creative Technology Director, Hybrid Designer/Developer, or whatever the groovy creative/technology title-of-the-week is.

His experience is rooted in web/app development and motion graphics in advertising/marketing industries. This includes: leading a team of enterprise software developers; teaching college students; juggling technology and creativity at/for some companies you've heard of, like The New York Times, Vogue, Macy's, and DDB.

People also seem to enjoy hearing that he has a dual degree in mechanical/aerospace engineer, as well as in music, and he also worked as an engineer at Boeing, and as a TV critic, that his site has samples of stuff he did in the past, and he should probably update it soon.