Surprise Your Brain - Build Your Own White Board Animation Video In Minutes

by Jeffry Brown | at MinneBar 13 | 9:25 – 10:15 in Harriet | View Schedule

Don't spend $1000's and weeks having a white board animation video built now you can DIY in minutes for little or no cost.

Science + Art = Scribology Convert text to video in-minutes, Scribology is a proven method of creating content for learning and marketing. We’re not scientists, but we know how to create content that your viewer’s brain is more likely to understand and remember. And now you can too.

When an idea is presented both audibly and visually, it’s six times more likely to be remembered than audio alone, and two times more likely than images alone. But most video software are sparse in images. Squigl supports every sentence of your message with new imagery to keep information retention high.

Our lizard brains are super keyed into movement. In fact, your brain can force your head to see what the moving object is. Animated squiglets provide the right amount of motion without feeling out of place or contrived. The movement of squiglets is fantastic for grabbing viewers attention and creating retention.

When your brain is surprised, your brain gets curious. It wants more information, it wants to stick around longer. It turns into a learning brain. Each squiglet that pops onto the screen is an opportunity to surprise your viewer, and keep their brain engaged in your message. The anticipation of squiglets keeps your audiences attention longer.

Come surprise your brain and someone from the audience will be leaving with their own white board animated video just for being there.

Check out the Scriology video build with this new SAAS model 'Squigl' White Board Animation software;

Squigl A startup that's changing the world of presentations and learning.

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