Level up your Hustle! How to sell yourself, your project or idea.

by Jennifer Simon | at MinneBar 13 | 11:15 – 12:05 in Harriet | View Schedule

Jennifer Simon has been in consultative sales for over 25 years, mentoring other sales people has been a side passion of hers for many years. Communication is key to success for every position at every level of a company. If you are a developer who has an idea how will you communicate it to your team? What if you are a project manager with an idea for a better process or procedure? If you are an executive with a great roadmap, how will you gain interest from the board and other C-Level executives?

Come to Jennifer’s talk on Level Up Your Hustle,

Learn how to be your own consultative sales person How to better prepare for meetings How to ‘Pitch’ your idea or project Most importantly, how to make an impact for your organization.


Jennifer Simon

Jennifer has been in sales for over 25 years, she focuses on partnering with clients to develop and maintain relationships. Jennifer takes care of her clients by listening to business needs, matching the correct consultant/team and continually works on creating deep partner relationships. She also has a passion for technology and continually wants to learn more. Jennifer is on the planning committee for Women Leading in Technology connecting women of all levels on the technology journey.