CANCELED - The 5 People You Meet in UX-Resistant Environments

by Meghan Hatalla and Richard Harrison | at MinneBar 13 | 4:00 – 4:50 in Zeke Landres | View Schedule

It's hard to push user experience when you encounter resistance, especially since good UX takes time and patience... Two things for which many environments fail to make time. Most of us don't get to pick our coworkers (or bosses, or bosses' boss) any more than we get to pick our family. Here's how to deal with the ones you wouldn't pick--the sad panda, the wunderkind, the grinch, the pied piper, and the shadowy figure--and how to stop them from interfering with your good work and good intentions.

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Meghan Hatalla

Highly caffeinated project manager who's made her name by getting things done in an industry not really known for getting things done.

Richard Harrison

UX/UI designer and creativity advocate.