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Signs that you're Fakepreneur or a real Entrepreneur?

by Jeffry Brown

🤯 Trying not to step on any toes here, but self-proclaimed entrepreneurs practically grow on trees now days. I can’t look at social media, a LinkedIn profile, or a blog post without seeing someone refer to themselves as an entrepreneur”! It's a little crazy.

In my opinion, you can't call yourself an entrepreneur until you’ve actually accomplished or failed your initial business start-up. Simply referring to yourself as an entrepreneur or an innovator isn’t going to cut it…and it doesn’t automatically make you one. For example, working for yourself, and being an entrepreneur are different. In this session we'll have fun exploring a few common signs of the fakepreneur and the real entrepreneur and success looks like for either.

Example; entrepreneur or fakepreneur? 🤼 - Creatives working for themselves doing what they love. - You have created yourself a job at your own business. - You turn down $150,000 salary for $36,000 yearly and a 60 hour work week. - You know a lot about a lot, but often little about yourselves.

⏳ Bring your ideas and let's enjoy exploring this together. Hopefully we'll help each other make up our own minds. 🔬

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Jeffry Brown

Jeffry Brown Executive Coach/Mentor Business/Brand Strategist
jeff@jeffrybrown.com 612 382-4005 http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrybrown http://twitter.com/#!/IdeaWhiz

THINK DIFFERENTLY - BE AN ENTREPRENEUR Every life is a story. My story includes many entrepreneurial adventures, some successful, some great learning experiences. What I can do for you, your business and your brand, is teach you how to standout, grow, transform, and be successful. Working with Steve Jobs at Apple heading innovation, I learned the value of creating culture and evangelism to create a market. I've started and led businesses, raised millions in capital, and helped new business grow and generate profit.

Today, working out of CoCo Minneapolis, I love helping entrepreneurs strategize on new go to market opportunities. I serve on the Board of SunRise Bank, Simon Says Give, GourmetWines.com, Trans Global Power and RSVTea.

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