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Programming The Sega Genesis

by Thea DeSilva

This session will be on programming roms and cartridges for the Sega Genesis game console from the 80s.

The session will take on this form: General overview of the Sega-Genesis. Setting up a C environment. Details concerning the VDP. Sample graphics program overview. Details concerning the Z80 and FM/PSG chips. Sample sound program overview. Sprite-editor overview, FM-tracker overview. Putting things together. Cartridge construction and overview. Tricks and tips. Questions.

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Thea DeSilva

Thea also known as sigflup is a Nintendo emulator author and c/assembly programmer and speed-coder. She focuses on software for various game consoles including the Sega Genesis. She's won several demo-scene competitions from parties like BlockParty @Party and PixelJam

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