"I have an idea..." Physical Product Development 101

by Kent Katterheinrich | at MinneBar 13 | 12:10 – 1:00 in Zeke Landres | View Schedule

The What
The first thing many people say to me immediately after I tell them that I work in Product Design and Development is "I have an idea..." that is followed up with some random idea they once had for a physical product. Many of these conversations then lead to a lengthy discussion about how just having an idea doesn't do much unless you know how to build, source, develop that into a product, but before all that you should really find out if you have a good idea. This presentation aims to help others with that first step.

The Why
1. idea people (see above)
2. digital/physical line is blurring
3. my younger self (naive inventor)


Kent Katterheinrich

Research and Development leader that strives to make a positive impact on the world. Mechanical Engineering background currently in the retail industry focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT) with background in the aerospace industry.