Nonprofits in the Twin Cities – 5 Minute Speed Sessions

by Aaron Hurd | at MinneBar 12 | 10:20 – 11:10 in Challenge | View Schedule

Many of us donate our time, energy, and resources to nonprofit organizations that make our community stronger. Let’s share what we are doing!

You should come to this session if: • You are looking for opportunities to volunteer • You have a favorite nonprofit that you work with and you want to tell others about it. (See additional information below.) • You are curious about how nonprofits in the twin cities can support the entrepreneurial and tech communities

Organizations will be called to present on a first-come, first-served basis. Organizations will get five minutes to talk. It’s recommended that those presenting focus on the following: • What nonprofit organization do you represent and what is your position? • What does your organization do? • What can the Twin Cities technology and entrepreneur community do to help your organization? • How can your organization help the Twin Cities technology and entrepreneur community?

If you are interested in presenting, email Please include the following, which will be included on a slide: • Organization name • A sentence describing what your organization does • Organization website and how people can contact you/your organization for more information

If you’re reading this the day of Minnebar and want to present about your organization, come anyway and see Aaron during the session. If we have open slots, you are welcome to present.

A list of contact information for organizations presenting will be sent out to anyone attending the session who is interested.

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Aaron Hurd

Aaron Hurd is a nationally recognized expert about credit cards, loyalty programs and travel rewards. He has been published by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Rolling Stone and dozens of other outlets.

In 2020, he left a corporate job to pursue freelance content creation and now spends most of his time helping people access new travel adventures, discover new places and make better use of personal finance products.

In addition to freelance writing, Aaron runs a strategic consultancy where he helps clients reexamine their business processes and learn how to run their businesses better.

He is on Twitter at @aaronmhurd and has a personal website.