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Aaron Hurd is the Founder and CEO at Flamingo and a Director at Free Geek Twin Cities.

Free Geek Twin Cities is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating e-waste and closing the digital divide. Free Geek accepts donations of computers from individuals and businesses, refurbishes them, and gets them out to people who need them. Free Geek runs educational/volunteer programs where volunteers can learn to build and repair computers. At the end of 40 volunteer hours, volunteers earn a free computer. Free Geek also runs a thrift store that is a great place to buy a computer or other technology items.

Flamingo helps college bookstores and multi-family apartment managers increase their customers' happiness. They do this through a suite of mobile applications and communication tools that make interacting with your bookstore or apartment manager feel like texting a friend.

Prior to his involvement with Free Geek and founding his startup, Aaron worked for Accenture Strategy. He helped Fortune 100 companies orchestrate their mergers and acquisitions.

Aaron loves traveling opportunistically on crazy-cheap airfares, plays ukulele (kind of), wants to get more people in the Twin Cities playing Resources, and spends too much time on YouTube watching videos of German-Canadian woodworkers building better mouse traps.

He is on Twitter at @aaronmhurd and has a personal website that he doesn't update.

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