Game of Drones - Future Technology for Drone Racing

by Matt Pacyga, Marty Wetherall, Matt Otterstatter, and Joel Stewart | at MinneBar 12 | 10:20 – 11:10 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

The Tiny Whoop by Jesse Perkins changed everything as the first inexpensive FPV (First Person View) drone that could race. Yes, that means anyone can race drones and it's under $200 on Amazon to get started. We'll show some of the gear and demonstrate how easy it is to take up the sport of drone racing at home.

Watch this video of Tiny Whoops racing - it's really cool and worth a look. YouTube Video

We'll also share a few ideas we're working on to address some growing pains in the drone racing industry.

  • drone tracking gates
  • ease of use for setting up a race
  • analog to digital
  • apps that can manage the complicated bits
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Matt Pacyga

Matt Pacyga has been in the mobile technology and advertising industry for over ten years. After a few years in the trenches, Matt started a mobile development studio called GSD (Get $hit Done)- which sold later that same year to a hardware company in Minneapolis. Matt has advised multiple MN-based startups in the ad tech space. Matt has also invested his time into supporting the Minnesota tech community, growing an event series that has been running for over three years called MobilizeMN.

Marty Wetherall

Daddy, Entrepreneur, co-founder of @FanChatter (YC S09), launching #DroneRacing Entertainment co @HydraFPV and racing at a bar near you

Matt Otterstatter

Matt is an active investor, entrepreneur and Kauffman Fellow. Previously, he was an aerospace engineer and program manager in the defense industry, with a prior background in robotics and software development. He loves rockets and drones.

Joel Stewart

Joel Stewart is currently contracting his Engineering services out in the Twin Cities.

He's worked in the Games Industry and Startups in Minnesota for 10 years.