Please don't fight! Fostering trust between Design, Dev, and QA.

by Stuart Renner Anderson | at MinneBar 12 | 9:25 – 10:15 in Calhoun | View Schedule

Sometimes we fight with one another.

Sometimes it's because of institutional factors - we are different roles, after all - and sometimes it's because of distrust. But if the three sides of UX, Dev, and QA can work as a team, then projects move forward, and work becomes - you know, fun!

Three folks will give this talk. Stu is a developer, Briana is a designer, and Alex is a quality assurance engineer. Sometimes we fight. We're going to share how we've turned naturally adversarial relationships into a partnership where we each genuinely love working with each other.

The core of the talk will be about perspectives of our roles, and what we can do in our roles to really help each other make something to be proud of.

Here's a question we'll help answer: What are the three things that the other two departments need to understand about your role that would benefit them every day? For instance, Designers would both benefit from anticipating what happens when things go wrong - things that developers and Quality Assurance engineers think about every day.

Another question that we'll address: What are the really great things that only your role can bring to the other two to make their work better?

This talk will have time for an open discussion, so there will be open mics for folks to add their input. We're all in this together; nobody can do this by themselves.


Stuart Renner Anderson

Stuart is a freelance developer in Minneapolis. He enjoys working with other people. When he's not working with other people, he helps folks make safe and legal choices when fishing for trout at We can't choose our obsessions! :)