How to maximize your tech team ROI (or really any team)

by Nathan Sterner | at Minnebar 18 | 10:20 – 11:05 in Learn | View Schedule

I want to discuss how to maximize your tech team ROI. As we all know, tech teams are super valuable and provide some of the key competitive edge for any business. I've been in technology my whole life both as an electrical engineer and marketer and want to share some perspectives. But much of this applies to any team not just tech.


Some experiences I will draw upon:

** Things I learned on the Goldman Sach's CIO's team to foster collaboration for a large enterprise

** What led to Target's tech turnaround and helped them compete and thrive in a crowded retail space

** Some lessons learned at BacklotCars; how we grew the company 114x in 4 years and sold for $425M


I want to touch upon:

** Optimal team alignment and structure

** Creating sense of ownership

** Avoiding disaster and keeping a level head personally and professionally when things go off the rails

** Fostering creativity, innovation, and teams

** Blocking and tackling -- what are the basics


Nathan Sterner

I've been in the tech world my whole life; for big organizations like in the Air Force and Goldman Sachs and then startups like BacklotCars, FactoryFix, and DemoHop.

I have an electrical engineering background and recently have been the first marketing hire at 3 startups. We sold one in 4 years for $425M.

I have passions for many sectors especially including marketplaces, health, B2B SaaS, and climate tech.

Currently, I am at DemoHop where we power online demo days to bring large tech / R&D teams together. These demo days are great for bringing all the developers, product teams, and business stakeholders together to boost innovation.

I am recently back in Minnesota after being away since high school and want to help continue to build this amazing community. I live in Minneapolis and love tennis, biking, and skiing, reading + learning, and trying new superfoods. I have a lot of family in the area including 4 younger sisters.

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