Nathan Sterner




I've been in the tech world my whole life; for big organizations like in the Air Force and Goldman Sachs and then startups like BacklotCars, FactoryFix, and DemoHop.

I have an electrical engineering background and recently have been the first marketing hire at 3 startups. We sold one in 4 years for $425M.

I have passions for many sectors especially including marketplaces, health, B2B SaaS, and climate tech.

Currently, I am at DemoHop where we power online demo days to bring large tech / R&D teams together. These demo days are great for bringing all the developers, product teams, and business stakeholders together to boost innovation.

I am recently back in Minnesota after being away since high school and want to help continue to build this amazing community. I live in Minneapolis and love tennis, biking, and skiing, reading + learning, and trying new superfoods. I have a lot of family in the area including 4 younger sisters.

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