Fulfilling the promise of 'serverless'

by Genghis Philip and Scott Diestler | at Minnebar 17 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Challenge | View Schedule

The concept of serverless development causes no end of heartburn. Many of those are pedantic: yes, there are actually servers. Yes, there are containerized solutions that likely qualify as serverless.

However, one of the biggest heartburns we've faced, though, is more practical: how do you make local development feel...local? While still inheriting all the service-full benefits of engaging in a cloud provider's ecosystem?

In this session, we'll bring real, practical experience in using AWS Lambda, SNS/SQS, API Gateway, and more-- all spun up and managed in the same language as our application-- in a way that allows rapid iteration locally while leveraging a production-like set of services. Most importantly, we do this without needing to set up extensive mocking solutions, and without requiring individual developers to know more than they want about the infrastructure behind their services.

While our use-case made a serverless architecture extremely cost effective for all stages from local development up through production, even just implementing a serverless solution for your lower environments -- avoiding tons of unused cycles or the need to spin environments up and down based on time-of-day-- could save you and your company hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.


Genghis Philip

Genghis is an ultimate player, boxer, and gamer. He has spent the better part of the last decade making sure teams work well together at various and sundry tech companies around the cities, with titles ranging from Scrum Master to Director of Engineering to COO. He also sits on the board of the Twin Cities Ultimate League and thinks you should sign up for summer league.

I guess you could follow him on Twitter (@hawksfire), but only if you're particularly interested in all-caps tweets about the Chicago Bears.

Scott Diestler

Hiding amongst some of the most talented engineering teams in the twin cities for longer than I'd like to admit, I've held various roles ranging from Associate Developer to VP of Engineering and just about everything in between. Over the last few years, I've focused on cultivating DevOps cultures and constructing cloud platforms that enable rapid, iterative development cycles, allowing teams to deliver continuously and autonomously. When I'm not working, I'm passionate about all things technology and photography, and I may have competed as a natural bodybuilder not too long ago.

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