Earth Day special - Mobile apps, climate change and you

by Brian Ringer | at Minnebar 17 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Florida | View Schedule

Lots of people want to do something about climate change, over 70% now. But what to do? Mobile apps can help!

By recommending different green actions, from better ways to get around, food to eat, sustainable product alternatives, alternatives to buying new products at all, ways to recycle, compost and reuse. And do it in a way that's fun and social. The individual is more important than ever - what each of us does will make the biggest difference in what the future of Minnesota and the planet looks like.

Come learn about GetGreen Duluth, a program started at the end of 2022 to help the city of Duluth meet their emissions reductions goals. And hopefully get inspired by ways each of us can help make our community, our school, our company or organization more sustainable.


Brian Ringer

Brian Ringer is CEO and Founder of GetGreen - a mobile application empowering people and organizations to take action on climate change. The GetGreen Duluth program provides a way for Duluth residents to lower their emissions and learn new green living habits via a gamified mobile application. GetGreen is also used by schools such as the University of Washington, University of Illinois and University of Minnesota Duluth to help engage their students and reach their sustainability goals.