Big O Made Easy With Real World Examples and Tips

by Joe Karlsson | at Minnebar 17 | 10:20 – 11:05 in Harriet | View Schedule

Are you a software engineer looking to improve your Computer Science fundamentals or an experienced engineer wanting to refresh your knowledge? Look no further!

Join our talk on algorithm complexity analysis where we will cover all the most common patterns with real-world examples. We'll discuss the importance of understanding different algorithm complexities and the formal measurement of program or algorithm speed.

Don't just jump straight into writing code without considering the best way to do things. Let's explore how the big O (pronounced "big oh") notation can help you avoid accidentally writing code that takes 10 times longer than necessary.

So whether you're new to algorithm complexity analysis or looking to brush up on old knowledge, this talk is for you! Join us and unleash the power of algorithm complexity analysis in your code today!


Joe Karlsson

Joe Karlsson (He/They) is a Software Engineer turned Developer Advocate. He empowers developers to think creatively when building web applications through demos, blogs, videos, or whatever else developers need.

Joe's career has taken him from building out database best practices and demos for MongoDB, architecting and building one of the largest eCommerce websites in North America at Best Buy, and teaching at one of the most highly-rated software development boot camps on Earth. Joe is also a TEDx Speaker, film buff, and avid TikToker and Tweeter.