Building fun things on GPT

by Ian Bicking | at Minnebar 17 | 1:55 – 2:40 in Theater | View Schedule

Almost all of what you see ChatGPT do is also available with the GPT API. But with the API you can give GPT the context and the commands you want, blended it with user input, and reimagining the output.

Here's some other things you could make using GPT:

  1. Write stories
  2. ... critique those stories
  3. Generate diagrams
  4. Write prompts for AI image generators
  5. Fix code
  6. Explain data
  7. Construct SQL queries
  8. ... interpret the results using natural language
  9. Play games
  10. Create games
  11. Reformat text
  12. Explain differences in text
  13. Apply natural language edits

... and more things that only you are going to think of.

This talk will feature examples from my own experiments and lots of small examples that show the diversity of ways GPT can be used. If it's successful it will get your imagination working.


Ian Bicking

Ian Bicking is a software developer, working on AI-assisted authoring tools and educational experiences at