Audio through jewelry - bluetooth music earrings

by Rama Prasad | at Minnebar 16 | 3:45 – 4:30 in Alaska | View Schedule

Rama will discuss her journey taking a hardware idea to shelf right here in Minneapolis through boot strapping, sweat equity, and University projects.

Teqnizan bluetooth music earrings developed here in Minneapolis and now ready for sale via our website - delivers a safer, stay put device that sounds great for music and is super comfortable to wear.

The music earrings are safer because the ear is not blocked by the earbud, where even the transparency mode is not very comfortable. The earbuds are too big for many customers, either falling out or causing pain in the ear cartilage. The speaker being sealed in the ear canal creates the risk of hearing damage when you really want to listen to your music loud and tune out your surroundings. Not to mention being hit by a bike or a train on way to your commute vehicle.

The Teqnizan earrings come in a beautiful introductory jewelry design. Fully custom design of the earrings is offered by Teqnizan. Most of our users have been surprised by how lightweight the music earrings are at 4.2gms. For comparison the heaviest earrings out there are 7gms.

Be the first to buy this Minnesota product, and enjoy your workouts or study time like never before.

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