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🤖 Cyborgs are the future: Designing AI to + humanity 🦾

by Bryce Howitson

Robots & AI are going to take your job! At least that's the dystopian future two-thirds of Americans expect. But maybe there's an alternate reality that sees computers making humans better at day-to-day life.

The machines can solve so many failings of humanity, but as designers and technologists, we need to make that a priority. I'll outline current perceptions of AI. I'll share how computers have had my back. Then, I'll walk through inspiring case studies of systems created to improve humanity instead of replacing it.

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Bryce Howitson

Bryce is obsessed with creating products that people want to use. He helps organizations of all sizes prototype, and test their ideas. Sometimes called a designer, a developer, a strategist, a writer or artist, Bryce has led teams and worked in the trenches. Bryce is a Google Developer Expert in UI/UX/Product/Web Technologies and certified Design Sprint Master. He shares his knowledge by mentoring and teaching from his homeland in the great frozen north of Minnesota.

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