Imposter syndrome support group for job seekers in a new career

by Michelle D'Angelo | at MinneBar 14 | 1:55 – 2:40 in Learn | View Schedule

Imposter syndrome: we all have it.

It's especially hard for those of us still in the job seeking phase in a new tech career or at the beginning of a new tech career. Let's vent, share, and come up with ideas to keep the imposter monster at bay so we can be successful! Or something. I don't know yet, but I personally could use a support group!


Michelle D'Angelo

I am a user experience designer and researcher. In 2017 I made the decision to quit my stable job with benefits that I had for many years to pursue a brand new career in UX. Scary! But I am glad I did it. I am currently looking for UX opportunities to continue my path into this exciting field.