Intro to Immersive Experiences for Research and Design

by Edward Euclide | at MinneBar 14 | 2:50 – 3:35 in Texas | View Schedule

Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive art and even Ikea showrooms are all examples of immersive experiences-- But how are they immersive? What makes something immersive? And what skills can we as designers/researchers start to leverage for affecting immersive experiences with our design/research?

With the rise of "immersive experiences" like virtual/augmented/mixed reality experiences, we will turn to adjacent fields like immersive theatre and experiential learning for examining our role in shaping these experiences.

We will be engaging in some (introvert friendly) experiments exploring the "elements" of immersion.

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Edward Euclide

Edward has been researching and designing immersive experiences for a decade as a performance artist, experiential educator and now as a UX Researcher.

As a performance artist he explored remote immersive performance, puppetry/object performance and interdisciplinary collaboration. As an educator he explored embodied learning techniques and lesson plans. He is currently researching industrial safety connected-equipment and IoT designs as a Senior UX Researcher with 3M.

His work was most recently featured as an installation at "Limitless Spaces Gallery: Imagining New Digital Worlds" (2019).

Edward Euclide