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Intro to Immersive Experiences for Research and Design

by Edward Euclide | 2:50 – 3:35 in Texas | View Schedule

Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive art and even Ikea showrooms are all examples of immersive experiences-- But how are they immersive? What makes something immersive? And what skills can we as designers/researchers start to leverage for affecting immersive experiences with our design/research?

With the rise of "immersive experiences" like virtual/augmented/mixed reality experiences, we will turn to adjacent fields like immersive theatre and experiential learning for examining our role in shaping these experiences.

We will be engaging in some (introvert friendly) experiments exploring the "elements" of immersion.

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Edward Euclide

I've been making embodied, immersive experiences as a performance artist for 8 years. I studied theatre arts at the Univ. of Minnesota - Twin Cities and have worked professionally as a performer, facilitator, director and collaborator of interactive/immersive performance.

As an educator, I've lead children and adults of all ages through a variety of experiential-learning pedagogies. I am an emerging tech early-adopter and have been conducting virtual reality research out of my home.

I am currently working as a Service Researcher/Strategist with Best Buy improving the employee experience.

Edward Euclide